Close protection officer

Close protection officer

The close protection officers of Securitas, trained and holding specifics license and business card works in a strict and regulatory framework to ensure your safety.

What is the close protection?
Close protection consists of a set of human and material resources used to preserve the integrity of a person. The close protection officer, colloquially referred to as "bodyguard", trained & led on a regular basis, supports your protection in strict compliance with laws and regulations in force *.

Through its operational experiences within companies, administration or army and its homeland security training, the team of Securitas bodyguards has a strong understanding of risk assessment and safety management.

What are the missions of a close protection officer?
First of all, the missions of «bodyguard» depend on your security needs. Therefore Securitas offers its customers only customized security solutions. However, we can establish, for example, some of the main missions of a close protection officer:

■ Close protection
■ Implementation of operational emergency means
■ Organization and general supervision of sensitive travels
■ Implementation of security policies and planning of protective measures
■ First aid Services

Depending on your expectations, and after a tailored study of your needs, a proposal will be communicated as soon as possible. Feel free to request a quote.

Choosing Securitas is chose a quality service, performed by security officers selected for their integrity, professionalism and spirit of service. Our close protection officers make every effort to ensure your safety, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information, please contact an advisor Securitas 24h/24, 7/7 toll-free at the following:

* Approval prefectural specific: No. 1164 of 17th February 2000 issued by the Prefect of Police.