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This service comes with a minimum of 6 hours.

We provide a qualified, trained (SSIAP 1) security guard to prevent fire risk and to take corrective action when necessary and provide assistance to people in danger.

Securitas France Sarl offers security guard services for protecting people and property against a variety of risks. Securitas Ponctuel makes a security guard available to you very quickly and within as little as an hour for a minimum of four hours and up to a maximum of 30 days. For scheduled or emergency situations, a security guard can provide protection at your home or place of business, as needed.



Fire guards (SSIAP 1) perform their functions in accordance with the laws and regulations in force concerning open-to-the-public and high-rise buildings (in particular, those concerning conditions that must be met). They are responsible for prevention and fire safety in open-to-the-public and high-rise buildings.

Based on your requirements, security guards can carry out various types of assignments :

Fire prevention, emergency response, alarm management (fire, technical, etc.), monitoring of inspection and maintenance obligations, inspection of firefighting equipment (fire hose cabinet, fire extinguisher, emergency exit, etc.), personal assistance, organization of internal aid, fire safety assistance and advice, alert and reception of first aid workers, operation of the fire safety command post, compliance with occupational hygiene and safety rules with respect to fire safety.



This service provides protection against such risks as :

Fires, accidents, people in danger, weather-related hazards, atmosphere of confined areas, water damage, fire safety system failure, fire safety system absence, etc.

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You might be charged for 10 € / hour for security guard service and 5 € / hour for other services if your order in less than 7 days before the beginning of our service.


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