Our security guards

missions des agents de sécurité

Our security guards are trained

Securitas Training is specialized in security professions. It provides training to security guards and all those at the company whose role or function involves prevention and safety: fire, malicious acts, first aid, electrical accreditation, and so on. Securitas trainers are professionals with field experience. Having held operational positions at Securitas, they benefit from the company's know-how and expertise. These close ties allow them to continuously incorporate all new developments in the security sector into their training programs.

Our security guards are overseen and monitored.

Securitas complies with regulations:

In order to provide security services, our security guards must have a qualifying diploma, a business card, a Securitas badge, an appropriate uniform and knowledge of the assignments being carried out. The security guards' managers ensure that all these requirements are met.

Our security guards' values

All our security guards who provide one-off services have been selected for their integrity, vigilance and helpfullness.