Securitas in the service of education

Published on 11/25/2011

  • Securitas in the service of education

Securitas provides surveillance of schools, colleges, training centers, boarding schools and universities.

Schools and universities have valuables such as books, audiovisual materials and computer and research equipment. But they must especially ensure the safety of students, teachers and other visitors.
In addition, security has an important position among the factors that influence the choice of a university or school.

Schools and universities contain many sensitive areas and the large attendance of those places increase the risk of incidents.

Securitas offers a wide range of solutions to ensure the safety of all and the protection of property:

- Fire: From the prevention of fire risk to the intervention on rising fire
- Theft: keys management, patrols and deterrence
- Physical Accidents: control of safety rules, first aid by security Lifeguard
- Intrusion: rounds to check fences, alarms management
- Violence / technical-aggression: escort for professors, staff or students (especially at night) when they move
- Explosion: technical-datas control, first aid and assistance to people
- Pollution Incident Response (water leakage, gas or toxic), securing the area

To prevent these risks, we offer:
- Security guard
- Fire guard
- Canine guard

Securitas assure you a local service, a highly responsive, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year.