Ile-de-France Region : French Cup under high surveillance

Published on 05/08/2011

  • Ile-de-France Region : French Cup under high surveillance

Before taking the direction to the Stade de France to be awarded to the winner of the 2011 final, the French football Cup has made a stop at Sevres, in the Yellow Pages Group premises. Sponsor of the competition, the company had invited its employees to a special day where they could be photographed next to the legendary trophy. A user-friendly operation that required the establishment of a strict safety device to prevent damage to the 44 years old cup, carved from 3 kg of silver and resting on a marble base of the Pyrenees.
Securitas has ensured its protection by enclosing the staff parade throughout the day. "Securitas security guards were posted at the room entrance and inside to regulate the flow and pass the instructions to the groups from being photographed, explains Ludovic Moreau, assistant operating at Guyancourt Securitas agency. He was forbidden to touch the trophy or lift it to mimic a victory. Supporters from all backgrounds have come to pose with their favorite jersey on their back. There was excitement few days before the final. Everything went very well. "