Northern Region: Caen-OM as a welcome gift

Published on 05/08/2011

  • Northern Region: Caen-OM as a welcome gift

For football fans living in Normandy, it was the game not to miss: the last day of Ligue 1 opposed, on May 29th 2011, Caen and Marseille clubs. A beautiful poster and especially a big issue. The Norman club was threatened with demotion in lower division in case of defeat. These 90 minutes of suspense, several new clients of the Northern Region of Securitas have been living since the lodges of the presidential stage Malherbe de Caen. "I noticed, during discussions, that these customers were soccer fans, explains Cecile Fauchon, sales engineer. I had done the necessary three months in advance to be sure to get tickets. There was a great atmosphere, entertainment with a final score of 2-2 and joy, as the club in our area saved his place in Ligue 1. We really had a great friendly moment, especially as the players came to the post-game cocktail party and we were able to take very nice commemoratives pictures with them."
Roll on next year and a new confrontation between both teams!